Vision 2020

Join Vision 2020 to bring the Gospel to every Tunisian people group by 2020
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Pray4Tunisia strategic prayer for a church multiplication movement

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Current Engagement Apostolic Effort in Residence Commitment to Work in Local Language Commitment to Long-term Ministry Sowing with CPM Vision
Tunisian Arab✓✓✓✓
Amazigh of Djerba✗✗✗✗
Amazigh of Gafsa✗✗✗✗
Amazigh of Matmata✗✗✗✗
Amazigh of Siliana✗✗✗✗
Amazigh of Tataouine✗✗✗✗
Amazigh of Zaghouan✗✗✗✗
Libyan Arab✗✗✗✗
Tunisian Jew✗✗✗✗

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