This lesson is where you will learn some of the practical logistics of planning and leading a small group to pray for Tunisia. The content is designed to give you ideas on how to lead an hour-long small group prayer meeting. You will learn from the experiences of others. The discussion point at the end of the course is meant to be a growing resource as more particpants brainstorm and share ideas. Please complete the following material.

Listen to the following 15 minute .mp3 file by clicking on the link. You will hear an interview with one Pray4Tunisia partner and what inspired her to start a small group to pray specifically for Tunisia.


Listen to the following 7 minute .mp3 file by clicking on the link. Learn how one Pray4Tunisia partner started a small group to pray for Tunisia.


Listen to the following 10 minute .mp3 file. One Pray4Tunisia small group prayer leader shares the logistics of planning a prayer session with a small group. She shares the structure she has used with her group to pray specifically for Tunisia.


Video footage from the 24 regions of Tunisia can serve as a visual stimulus to inspire ideas for specific things for the group to pray for. Here is an example of one video from the region of Ariana.


See video footage from all 24 regions at this link. Each time the group meets, you could watch a short video and then pray as you are led.

Ideas of Things to Pray for in Your Small Group

  • Current events in Tunisia may provide ideas of things to pray for. You can keep updated on the latest news in Tunisia here.
  • A relevant news article about issues that Tunisia currently face regarding the economy, government, and society. No Quick Fix for the Tunisian Economy
  • Read testimonies of seekers and believers here and then pray for these brothers and sisters by name together. 
  • See pictures of people and places in Tunisia here. These still shots can elicit many ways to pray.
1) Vision
2) Tunisia
3) Church Multiplication Movements
4) Prayer
5) Leadership