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Pray4Tunisia offers daily and/or weekly prayer emails.  The daily emails are brief and strategic.  The weekly email newsletters, called "Revive Tunisia," are especially helpful for those who pray and fast in unison with the Tunisian church on Mondays.

Have you watched the 10 Universal Elements videos from our homepage? Did you learn more about church multiplication movements and how to pray for one to start in Tunisia? Do you want to help tens of thousands of others learn from them as well?

Pray4Tunisia needs volunteers who would be willing to translate the 10 Universal Elements Script into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, and Korean. If you are able to help, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before someone else starts!  


At present the daily emails are being done in English, Spanish, French, Korean, Arabic, and Portuguese.  If you prefer another language, please subscribe to it and we'll try to find moderators/translators, soon.

If you check out's home page you'll see there are many ways to share in prayer with us:

  1. you can sign up for Revive Tunisia's weekly email*, which usually comes out on Fridays.  Revive Tunisia is a call from the Tunisian church to pray and fast (a whole day, one meal, TV... whatever will remind you to pray) every Monday.  Joining together we ask the Father to mature His work and to bring the Lord Jesus in powerful ways.
  2. you can sign up for the dail, brief, strategic emails* (just to the right side of the page over there --->), OR
  3. you can "follow" on Twitter (!/Pray4Tunisia), OR
  4. you can "like" and/or "friend" on Facebook (, OR
  5. you can go to our home page and subscribe to the RSS feed (an orange button with white semi-circles on it is usually located in the URL address (where it says

*Note: Most cellular telephone users can receive emails instantly (for better or worse) on their phones.  Click here to find out what email address corresponds to your cellular phone number, OR simply send a text message to your regular email address and see what address the message comes from. 

Mobilize Others

Beyond your wonderful commitment to pray4Tunisia, would you please consider mobilizing others to pray?  Here are some ideas that might multiply your impact. (Email us if you have others!)

  •   Mobilize FRIENDS
    • send the website's link to your friends, telling them why you are praying4Tunisia
    • ReTweet Pray4Tunisia from your Twitter account
    • send out a recommendation and link via Twitter
    • "Like" Pray4Tunisia and/or recommend it on Facebook to your friends
    • embed an email sign up form in your Facebook page (using FBML) or on your website or blog
      • Here is the code. (Note: You are welcome to personalize it to match your page.)
  •   Mobilize YOUR CHURCH
    • Get permission to include Revive Tunisia's weekly updates, which come out on Fridays, in your church bulletins.
    • pass around a sign-up sheet (in Sunday School, at your youth group, at your discipleship group, etc.) and then enter the email addresses in the website's form 
    • collaborate with your missions committee and/or preacher to promote pray4Tunisia through a church announcement, bulletin, or website
    • get permission to send out a note through your church's mailing list (paper and email)
    • download these small video ads to show during church, or between church services: PDF download      PPT download
    • print out and hang up mini-posters (11x17") in the church entrance, Sunday school classrooms
    • make "Pray4Tunisia" central in your your church's missions rally
    • print out and pass out business cards 
    • challenge the youth group to see how many friends they can get signed up via email, Twitter, and Facebook in a week
    • place an email sign up form directly on the church's website, blog, or Facebook accounts
      • Here is the code. (Note: You are welcome to personalize it to match your page.)
    • add a Twitter button associated with Pray4Tunisia to your website, blog, or Facebook accounts
    • add a Pray4Tunisia Twitter aggregator to your church's website, Facebook account, or blog
    • add a QR Code for smart phones to your church bulletin



**NO MATTER how you might promote pray4Tunisia, though, PLEASE remember that there are security concerns for Christians in Tunisia.  When you are interacting with people you don't know completely, please do not mention names of Christians you might know in Tunisia.**