Praying Guide through the 24 States of Tunisia

What does a Pray4Tunisia prayer group look like?

  • Gather 3+ people
  • Pray 2+ times a month.
  • Pray for 1+ hour each session.
  • Focus on praying for a church planting movement in Tunisia.
  • Download these prayer guides for ideas to help ignite your prayers!

7-week Prayer Guide through Tunisian Testimonies (2016)

7-week Prayer Guide through Tunisian Testimonies (2017)

6-week Prayer Guide for Unengaged Unreached People Groups (UUPGs)

Learn from other Pray4Tunisia Prayer Group Leaders

The following podcasts were recorded to give you ideas on how to lead an hour-long small group prayer meeting. We pray you will enjoy learning from the experiences of others!

Hear what inspired one Pray4Tunisia partner to start a small group to pray specifically for Tunisia.

Learn how one Pray4Tunisia partner started a small group to pray for Tunisia.

Listen as one Pray4Tunisia small group prayer leader shares the logistics of planning a prayer session with a small group.