Testimonies of Tunisian Christians

114. Praise God for Malek! He simply needed someone to answer a few of his questions. Once that happened, he immediately decided to submit to Jesus and to follow Him as Lord of his life.


113. Mokhtar has followed Jesus since he was a child. Tunisian children learn about the prophets and Islamic teaching in school. When he learned about the Islamic teaching of Jesus, he knew there was something different about Him. He believed that Jesus' body was the body of a prophet, but inside Him was God. As an adult he received his first Bible. He reads it faithfully and carries it with him everywhere he goes. When he read about baptism, he wanted to be obedient. Since he didn't know any other believers, he baptized himself. He rejoiced to meet another Tunisian believer who is teaching him about following Jesus. Pray for Mokhtar as he grows more into the image of Christ and as he shares his faith with others.


112. Nijeb has been seeking truth for more than five years. After watching a recent television program about Christians in Tunisia, Nijeb felt compelled to investigate more and shared that desire with a friend. They have met together often to discuss the show. They started reading the New Testament together. They have decided that they both want to follow Jesus and obediently follow His teachings, but they fear rejection and persecution from their family and neighbors.


111. Noor wants to learn about baptism. Pray that she understands the importance and significance of this decision. May she know that she will be buried with Jesus through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, she too will live a new life (Romans 6:4).

110. Nejla met with Christians a couple of years ago and wanted to put her faith in Jesus. However, since then, she has had no one teach her what it means to live as a Christian. Please pray for God to provide someone to disciple her and for her faith to grow. Pray that the Word of God would be her firm foundation.

109. Marwen received a Bible which grew his interest in Jesus. Pray that he would have a great love for the Word of God. Pray that he would not merely listen to the word, but would do what it says (James 1:22). Pray that as he reads, the Holy Spirit would give him deep understanding.

** Marwen showed great interest in learning the truth about Jesus. However, he now seems too busy with his business to pursue the things of Christ. Pray that he would grasp the transience of this life. May he see that money and earthly success will not last, but that the hope of Jesus is the only thing that will endure and satisfy.


** UPDATE 108.** Reem and her sister have both met Jesus in a vision. This encounter gave them a deep desire to learn more about Him. They just received a Bible. Pray that the precious words of Jesus would come alive to them. Pray that they would surrender their lives to Him at the same time and would be the first fruits of an even greater harvest in their family.

** Reem reads her Bible every day and seeks ways to share the Gospel with her friends and neighbors. Despite persecution from her family, she continues to faithfully follow Jesus.


** UPDATE 107.** M. visited a church when he was traveling abroad. Since that time his hunger to learn more about Christianity has only grown. He claims to have a special feeling when he hears or reads about Jesus. Pray that those feelings would lead him to learn more from the Bible. Pray that M. would fully yield his life to Him and that he would become a strong leader who boldly shares the hope he found in Christ.

** Continue to pray for M. as he journeys towards Christ. He suffers from physical disability. No amount of professional success can replace the void and pain he feels. Pray that he would choose to allow Jesus to bring spiritual healing into his life through repentance and obedience.


** UPDATE 105.** Anas first learned about Jesus when he was living abroad in Europe. He has many questions and things he doesn't understand about Christianity. Please pray that he would find his answers in the Word of God and that he would choose to commit his life to Jesus.

** After having many of his questions answered by a Christian, Anas chose to make Jesus the leader and Lord of his life! He will continue to study the Bible with the man who told him about Jesus. Pray for a good location for them to gather together and study. Pray for transformation in his life and for him to begin sharing the Good News of Jesus with others.


108. Reem and her sister have both met Jesus in a vision. This encounter gave them a deep desire to learn more about Him. They just received a Bible. Pray that the precious words of Jesus would come alive to them. Pray that they would surrender their lives to Him at the same time and would be the first fruits of an even greater harvest in their family.


107. M. visited a church when he was traveling abroad. Since that time his hunger to learn more about Christianity has only grown. He claims to have a special feeling when he hears or reads about Jesus. Pray that those feelings would lead him to learn more from the Bible. Pray that M. would fully yield his life to Him and that he would become a strong leader who boldly shares the hope he found in Christ.


** UPDATE 103.** Leila learned about the love of Jesus and finds it compelling. She has rejected Islam because of its teachings about women and death. She has many questions about Christianity but is very afraid to pursue finding out more about it. Pray that Leila would hear Jesus' words over the winds and storms of her life "Take courage! It is I, don't be afraid."

** Jesus appeared to Leila in a dream and revealed Himself to her. She started to read the New Testament. She read the story of Jesus' interaction with the Canaanite woman and was deeply troubled. When another Christian met with her and explained how Jesus came for all people, she wanted to know more. After receiving answers to many of her questions she decided to put her trust in Jesus and make Him the Lord of her life. Pray that Leila would read, understand, and apply the Bible to her life. Pray for her roots to grow deep in Jesus and for her to begin to reach out to others.


** Faouzi has been meeting with a believer regularly to study and learn more about following Jesus. He was recently baptized!


106. Mustfa understands that choosing to make Jesus the leader of his life has huge implications. He is deeply impressed by the love of Christ and the peace Jesus offers through his victory over the cross. He knows that if he chooses to follow Jesus, it will change his life for good. Pray that he would "consider all things a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus."


105. Anas first learned about Jesus when he was living abroad in Europe. He has many questions and things he doesn't understand about Christianity. Please pray that he would find his answers in the Word of God and that he would choose to commit his life to Jesus.


104. When H. heard about the love of God, the purpose of prayer, and Jesus' teaching about loving your enemies, he found himself wanting to know more. He is currently wrestling with those questions. Please pray that God meets him in the midst of the questions and confirms the truth of the Bible to Him. Pray that he would become a strong leader and bold witness to the power of the Gospel.

103. Leila learned about the love of Jesus and finds it compelling. She has rejected Islam because of its teachings about women and death. She has many questions about Christianity but is very afraid to pursue finding out more about it. Pray that Leila would hear Jesus' words over the winds and storms of her life "Take courage! It is I, don't be afraid."


102. Amin became a Christian through watching Christian television programming. He believes that the story of Jesus is real and it truly makes sense to him. He is convinced that Jesus saved him through his death on the cross and forgave his sins.


** UPDATE 101.**  More than two years ago Faouzi began a search for truth. He became a strong practicing Muslim and started reading many books about philosophy. However, the more he read the Koran, the more confused he became. He decided to search for truth in other places. He finally found what he was looking for in Jesus. He discovered that Christianity was full of love and forgiveness and decided that the only fitting response was total surrender to Jesus. Since learning about Jesus' promise in Matthew 18:20, Faouzi desires to be a part of a small group of believers. Please pray that he would be able to find other believers to meet with and that they would be disciple-making disciples.

** Faouzi has been meeting with a believer regularly to study and learn more about following Jesus. He was recently baptized!

** Faouzi has moved abroad for work. Please pray that he and other Tunisian Christians who are currently living abroad would find fellowships where they can grow more into the image of Christ. Pray that they would make Jesus known in the cities they currently live and work in.


100. Malika is a bright and inquisitive young woman. She is seriously searching for truth and is discontented with the answers she has always been given. She desperately wants an intimate relationship with God. Pray that Malika would yield her life to Jesus and would lead many others into relationship with God through Him.


99. Khadijah and her daughter are both drawn to the personality of Jesus. The more that Khadijah learns about Him, the more impressed she is by the peace He offers. Please pray that this mother and daughter would put their faith in Jesus and would become the first fruits of an even greater harvest in their family.


98. After much research, K. came to believe that the Bible was the only word of God. He still has many questions and things he doesn't understand, but it hasn't stopped him from sharing about his belief in Jesus with others. Pray that he would continue to boldly declare the truth of who Jesus is to his friends and family.


97. Salha rejected her religion because of its view and treatment of women. When she learned of the love of Jesus, she immediately desired to know more. Pray that as Salha reads the Bible, she becomes convinced that Jesus is the only way, truth, and life. Pray that would become a lover of the Word and would put it into practice.


96. Esma’s story is still being written. Dissatisfaction, a strange vision that she still doesn’t understand, and a desire for truth all led her to reject the religion that she had been raised in. Her questions and concerns brought her to a place of doubting even the existence of God. However, she didn’t let her search end there. She began to investigate the claims of Jesus and was drawn to Christianity. She is eager to read the Bible and is asking God to reveal Himself to her. Please pray that God speaks powerfully to her through His Word. Pray that He confirms the truth of Jesus to her and that she becomes a bold witness to her friends and family of the remarkable transformation Jesus brings.


95. Nothing could dissuade Amin to turn his back on Jesus. After many conversations with other believers, he decided to put his faith in Jesus. Since that time he has faced persecution from other men in his city. They have beaten and harassed him. After traveling a great distance to participate in a Christian worship service he commented about how much he felt the love of God. Pray that Amin’s life would be yet another powerful testimony to the truth of Romans 8, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution...? No, in all these things we are more than conquerers through him who loved us.”


94. One day a member in Moufid’s family unknowingly brought him a book that contained a series of drawings of Biblical history. These pictures stirred an interest in Moufid to read the Bible. After getting access to one, he began reading it every day. The Bible started to change his way of thinking and perception of life. He continued to grow dissatisfied with Islam and ultimately decided to make Jesus his Savior and Lord. He followed Jesus for a year and a half before he ever met another believer. The peace he found in Jesus and daily reading the Bible sustained him. Please pray for others in his village to come to know Christ and for a home fellowship to begin.


93. Praise God for our new brother! God answers prayer in powerful ways. For a few months the Pray4Tunisia network has been praying for M. (see testimony #80). He had been feeling a lack of peace and knew that there had to be a better way. A friend of his from another North African country gave him a video containing testimonies of Muslims who found new life in Jesus. He watched them and became convinced of the truth of Jesus. He surrendered his life to Christ and told his best friend about his decision. Pray that M. continues to grow deeply in His new relationship with Jesus. Pray that he will be connected with another believer in his city in order to start a house church.


92. Khaled found information about Christianity and Tunisian believers on the Internet. He wanted to learn more and sought out ways to meet a Tunisian Christian. One day he met a man named “Hamsa”. After hearing the truth about Jesus from “Hamsa” he chose to follow Jesus. He is now a part of a weekly fellowship and is growing in his love for the Lord. Recently he came across a song that he had written eight years ago. In the song he addressed a man named, “Hamsa” -- the same name of the believer who came to share the Gospel with him. His lyrics said, “I can’t find satisfaction in anything; my heart always cries...Hamsa, I can’t find satisfaction; my heart cries. Where will I go?”


91. Emen & Narjis were both Tunisian women living abroad in Europe for many years. They were good friends because of their shared nationality. About 10 years ago Emen became a Christian. She shared how Jesus changed her life with her friend. For years she continued to tell Narjis the truth about Jesus. Narjis moved back to Tunisia but continued to stay in touch with Emen. Her friend’s consistent, bold witness eventually convinced Narjis of the truth of Jesus. A few months ago she gave her life to Him. She shared her faith with others and now her mother and sister are believers as well.


90. Sabrine heard about Jesus for the first time from a European man more than fifteen years ago. She eagerly desired to find the truth, but was confused by all of the things she was learning. She continued to practice Islam, but in the meantime she researched different religions. As she watched Christian television programs, her interest in Jesus grew. She felt oppressed by the Muslim society and grew weary of continually encountering the dark face of Islam. She desperately wanted to be set free from it. Finally she decided to put her faith in Jesus and to follow him. She tries now to talk boldly about her faith with the people around her even if they don’t understand her. Pray that Sabrine would be used to set others free from the bondage of their sin and that the Lord would protect and nurture her faith.


89. When Fadhel was a young boy he began to read many books about different religions. His family were very devout Muslims. By the time he reached his teenage years he rejected Islam. Two years ago he began to do something about the spiritual emptiness he felt. He watched a Christian film and read the New Testament twice. He read the story of when Jesus healed the Centurion’s servant (Luke 7:1-10) and was astounded by Jesus’ power and teaching on faith. He started to discuss the things he was learning with his friends and some of them became convinced along with him about the truth of Jesus. Fadhel decided to surrender his life to the Lord and became a follower of Jesus. Please pray for Fadhel as he tries to lead a cell group with some of his friends who are interested in following Jesus as well.


88. Mouhib started reading the Bible on the internet. He was impacted by the simplicity of Jesus’ teachings. He believes in Jesus but still has many questions about what this means for his life. Pray that the Father would give him “the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that [he] would know [God] better. Pray that the eyes of [his] heart may be enlightened...” (Ephesians 1:17-18)


87. Eshrak found herself drowning in personal problems, depression, and searching for hope. All the while she wrestled with the way her religion regarded women. She disliked how negatively it views them. When she found the high value Jesus gave women she was immediately interested in Him. She wants to read the Bible and to know more about this man who loved, honored, and commended women for their faith.


86. Mahmoud started to hear a lot about Jesus and that He is a very special person. These conversations caused him to read the Bible. Please pray for him as he desires to know more about who Jesus is, His character, and His teachings.


85. M. found out about Jesus, but had no one to teach him how to follow Christ. So he taught himself how to follow Jesus and how to love him. He eagerly talks about how Jesus came to earth to save people from their sins and how much He loved sinners. Please pray that M. continues to grow deeper in His walk with the Lord and that he will have other Christians around to encourage him and to fellowship with.


84. Y. had the opportunity to live with some Christians. He enjoyed living with them and found them to be very peaceful people that he could trust. This experience caused him to seek out a Bible and other Christian books so that he could find out why they acted as they did. Please pray for Y. and others who know Christians. Pray that they would be drawn to Christ through the life and character of believers.


83. S. watched Christian television channels since she was a little girl. She liked listening to the prayers and began to feel that Jesus was alive. She decided to put her faith in Him and now claims "He is the strongest thing in the world." Please pray that S. will meet other Christian women that she can fellowship and grow in Christlikeness with.


82. Some time ago M. had the opportunity to meet a couple of Tunisian Christians who shared the Gospel with her. However, at that time she refused to accept Jesus has her Lord. After a long time of studying and researching, she now believes that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. She desires to live for Him, to be obedient to Him, and to be baptized. Please pray for others like M. who have heard the Gospel, but for a time rejected it. Pray that they would continue to be curious and seek answers in the Bible and other forms of Christian media.


81. M. is wrestling with the truths about Jesus. He claims to be a Muslim, however, he finds many things about Christianity intriguing. When he travels to Europe he goes to cathedrals to pray. On one of his visits to a cathedral, God answered the prayer he prayed. He is open minded and wants to learn more about the Gospel.

80. F., M., and W. are three different men that are currently reading the Bible and seeking answers to what Jesus is all about. They have many questions and are seeking out Christian resources for answers. Please pray that God opens their minds to understand the Scriptures. Pray that they are convinced of the Deity of Jesus and that He is the only way to the Father.


79. D. claims to be an atheist, however, he has a desire to read God's Word. He has questions about faith, the church, and the trinity. Pray that he would come to a fuller understanding of Jesus as the Word of God. Pray that John 1 would speak powerfully to him and he would believe, "in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" (John 1:1).


78. The recent revolution changed many things in Tunisia. Makrem has found that more people want to talk about different religions than ever before. As a result, he wants to study the Bible so that he can have a better idea about what Christianity is all about. He has a very open mind and is seeking to understand more about faith in Jesus. Pray that as Makrem reads the Bible, his heart would burn within him and that his mind would be opened to the Scriptures (Luke 24:32).


77. Countless testimonies of believers coming from a Muslim background start with people wrestling through questions concerning the character of God, the Trinity, and the Sonship of Jesus. Jamel, Enise, and Monir are three individual Tunisians currently desiring to grasp some of these truths and are willing to ask tough questions. They are open to learning more about Jesus and hunger to read the Bible.

Please pray for them and the many others like them. Pray that they overcome fear and would ASK. Most are taught from a young age that they are forbidden to ever question anything they are told concerning Islam. Pray for greater availability of the Bible in Tunisia, and for seekers to have the boldness to search its pages for Truth.


76. One day Mahmoud talked with a Tunisian Christian and claimed to not be interested in Christianity. He merely wanted to know how many Tunisian Christians there are. However, he did ask this new friend for a Bible. The next day he began to ask questions about the differences between Christianity and Islam. The two men continued to talk and the believer answered Mahmoud’s questions. At their next conversation, Mahmoud was in the midst of some difficult circumstances. He told the Christian how much he trusted him and loved him and how much he admired this Christian’s willingness to listen to his problems. He continues to become more and more curious about Jesus. Please pray for Mahmoud and others like him who are seeking the Lord. Pray that they would encounter believers who can share Jesus with them.


75. Faouzi used to work with European Christians. He was shocked to find out they were not hypocritical because he had seen so much hypocrisy in his religion. Their genuine faith drew him to investigate Jesus. This interest was only piqued when he found out there were Tunisian Christians. He has many questions, is interested to know more, and wants to have a Bible. Pray that Faouzi would have his questions answered by the Holy Spirit as he reads the Good News. Pray that he finds the truth of Jesus irresistible. 

74. Emna was visited by Jesus in dreams. As a result she accepted Him to be the Lord of her life. Emna’s sister also chose to put her faith in Jesus, which led her husband to divorce her. Her brother is looking to Jesus to set him free from alcoholism. Pray that Emna’s brother would become a New Creation in Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit would walk in victory over alcoholism. Pray that this family would be able to find a group of believers that they can fellowship and grow with. They are very poor, pray that God meets all of their needs.

73. Dorra lived in another limited access country with her husband and children. When the political turmoil and revolution began to unfold there a friend of hers, who is a Christian told her, “Now you have freedom. You have the freedom to learn about Jesus. Take advantage of that freedom. Find out more about Him.” Dorra and her family sought refuge in Tunisia. Once there, Dorra was able to get in contact with a Tunisian Christian. When the Tunisian believer met with her and asked what questions she had, Dorra replied, “I want to know everything. I want to know how to become a Christian.” Dorra and her husband listened intently for two hours to the Good News. She wanted to put her faith in Jesus immediately. Her husband wanted them to read the Bible first and make the decision together. Please pray for Dorra and her husband. Pray that they would both respond to Jesus’ call and that their family would become bold witnesses in Tunisia and also in their homeland.


72. For more than three years Rami has been comparing religions and reading the Bible. After all of this study, he is convinced. Impressed by Jesus' commands to love one another and to forgive unconditionally, he wants to put his faith in Jesus. However, he is wrestling with understanding the trinity. He sees Jesus as a man of authority. Pray that Jesus would convince him of His deity and that Rami would fully put his faith in Jesus.

71. Dhia claims to be an atheist, but he is seeking the truth. He started seeking truth from a Tunisian Christian. He is interested in further discussions and would like to have a Bible to investigate for himself. Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict and prove the truth about Jesus to Dhia as he reads God's Word.

70. Anis calls himself a Muslim because he was born into a Muslim family. However, he wants to know more about Christianity because he had a dream. In the dream he was walking in a church and a Catholic priest touched his head from behind. The touch felt really good and he awoke desiring to learn more about Jesus. Pray that God would reveal Himself to many more through dreams and visions. Pray that Faycel would move past curiosity about Christianity and move towards a relationship with Jesus.


69. Faisel found a Christian website. As he heard the testimonies of believers finding peace when they accepted Jesus into their lives, he was deeply touched. He is drawn to the love and forgiveness offered by Jesus. He wants a Bible because right now he only has a few verses in French. He has many questions, but is excited to ask them to Tunisian believers.


68. Malika is a smart and friendly young woman who used to be an atheist. One day she watched a facebook video attacking Christianity. At the same time she found a link to a Christian TV website. She started watching and became curious. Surprised by the love in Jesus’ teaching, she wanted to know more. Over time she grew to love Jesus and began to put her faith in Him. She thought she was the only Tunisian believer. She is very excited to meet with other Tunisian Christians and to continue to learn about what it means to follow Jesus.


67. Anas claims to be a Muslim but he is choosing not to follow the teachings of Islam. He is very thankful to have a Bible and has started reading in the book of Matthew. There are many things that he likes about Christianity. He enjoys the Christian worship songs and the way that Christians pray. He is intrigued by the Christian life and is interested to learn more. Please pray that Anas meets Jesus in the pages of Scripture and that the book of Matthew comes alive to him. Pray that he would fall in love with Jesus and would choose to follow Him.


66. Even from a young age Miriam was not convinced about the truth of Islam. From the moment she heard that God could be her heavenly Father through His Son she fell in love with Jesus. She is still wrestling with some theological questions, but is very open to becoming a Christian. Pray that the Holy Spirit would answer her questions through the Word of God and that she would soon be able to fully surrender to the Lord.


65. The words of Jesus are revolutionary and unequaled. When someone hears them for the first time, often the only word they can use to describe them is “amazing”. That is how Fatma felt when she heard the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-6. She had heard that Christianity is full of love and peace and these words only confirmed that. She is very interested to learn more about Jesus and to meet other Christians from a Muslim background.


64. Sara shared that she was born a Muslim. However, she is now starting to ask questions about Jesus. She is engaged to a Christian from Europe. There are many things about the Christian faith that she is confused by. She wants answers to her questions, to have a Bible, and to meet with Tunisian believers.


63. Saleh first learned about Jesus when he was in Europe. He met a woman from a Middle Eastern country who was a Christian. He began to ask her questions about her faith. She encouraged him to read the Bible. He started to read the words of truth and life for himself. Jesus appeared to him in a vision. The vision led him to put his trust in Jesus. At that point he was still staying in Europe. So he went to pray in a church there. He is now back in Tunisia and wants to meet with Tunisian believers. Pray for the Tunisians living, studying, and working in Europe. Pray that they would meet Christians who would point them to Jesus.


62. J. is from another Arab country. He is from a Muslim background but has chosen to leave Islam. Through the testimony of Jesus and a prominent Christian preacher, his eyes were recently opened to the truth of Jesus. He prayed for the Lord to reveal Himself and to guide him on the right path. He has since surrendered to Christ. He fasts and worships, but cannot find other believers to speak with. He deeply desires to learn how to follow Jesus. He asked for two things: a Jesus film and prayer for Muslims to learn the truth of Jesus.

61. M. wants to meet with Christians to learn more about their faith. He wants to understand the way that Christians think and why they would choose to become believers. He is wrestling with tough theological questions. He has requested a Bible.

60. A. volunteered with some Christians doing recent relief work. He was very impressed by their humility and the way they interacted with others. He talked to them about their faith. He now wants to meet with other Christians and to have a Bible.

59. H. began to have many questions about Christianity a few years ago. He spent years researching religions and comparing them. Finally in 2008 he could not resist the truth any longer and accepted Jesus into his life. He deeply loves the Lord and wants to meet with other Christians. He also wants to have a copy of the Old Testament as right now he only has the New Testament.

58. S. started to be intrigued by Jesus by listening to the “taraneen”. While watching Christians worship, the Lord stirred something in him. He loves the way Christians enjoy God in worship. He would like a Bible and a visit from a Christian so he can understand more about our faith.

57. M. has chosen to follow Jesus! He wants to be baptized and to know if there are other Tunisian Christians that he could pray with.

56. “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love...This is my command: Love each other.” (John 15:9,17) A. liked comparing and studying different religions. He became a Christian after encountering the depth of Christ’s love. He was deeply impressed by how much Jesus talked about and demonstrated love. He now wants to talk with other believers.

55. S. started to become hungry for God. She read the Bible on the internet, memorized portions, and talked to a Christian on the internet. She desperately wanted to know more about Jesus. She tried to get into a cathedral for two years despite the police frequently questioning her. She wanted a Bible so badly that she offered to read it in a night and return it the next day so that someone else could read it next. She has now surrendered her life to Jesus. Her family knows that she is a believer. She meets daily with Christians to ask questions, she is involved in Bible studies, and is eager to be baptized.

54. M. has called herself a Christian for quite a while. She started studying the Bible and now knows it well. She says, “I know by faith it’s true.” She regularly shares the Gospel with her friends. As soon as she learns something new she immediately tells someone else what she learned.

53. For a long time, M watched Christian broadcasting on TV. He met a Christian from another African country who shared with him portions of Scripture. However, he now has no television. His hunger for the Word of God led him to contact a Christian website to request a Bible in Arabic. He wants to learn more about the Bible from a Tunisian Christian.

52. A few years ago a Tunisian man came across a Christian channel on satellite TV.  Curious, he began watching regularly.  The first year of watching, he was very negative and skeptical.  The second year he began opening his heart.  During this time he worked for a national Christian family and was amazed by the love and kindness they showed him.  The third year he was convinced of the truth of Christianity and gave his life to the Lord!  Now he shares about God’s working in his life with many people!  He meets regularly to worship, pray, and learn with those who have decided to follow Christ.

51.  “But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ.  What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things.  I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ.”  Philippians 3:7-8   A leader in Tunisia came to Christ after learning about the freedom Christ offers.  He decided to quit his job and devote his life to Christ. When he was given a Bible, the man became very emotional because he had never held one in his hands. He had only been able to hear parts of God’s Word on TV. He knew nothing of there being other Christians in his country.  May God receive all glory for what He is doing in the life of this man and his entire family.  Pray that this family of influence will be able to share Christ’s love with many.


50. The impact of Christian media is astounding! Through Christian satellite TV, Zaineb became a believer eleven years ago.   She faithfully watched and grew.  She is gifted in evangelism. However, Zaineb needs our prayers.  By trade she was previously an astrologer.  She claimed to have given that up but recently she has been very resistant to totally surrendering it. Pray for Zaineb and other believers that they will remain strong in their commitment to the Lord.


49. Hager is a teacher.  During the Muslim feast of the Eid she asked other teachers if they were buying a sheep to sacrifice.  Several of them secretly admitted that they were Christians and would not be celebrating the Muslim holiday.  All of this is occurring in a country where many nationals claim there are no national Christians.


48. Ali’s elderly mother was very sick.  She fearfully asked Ali where she was going to go after she died.  Ali took this opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with her. He told her that she could pray to Jesus, and He would give her peace. She prayed and there was an immediate change in her countenance as the peace of God came over her. That day she gave her life to the Lord.  Her only complaint was, “Why didn’t anyone tell us before?”

“For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.”  Philippians 2:13


47. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”  2 Corinthians 5:17

Aziz met two believers in a coffee shop where many men from his town gather to pass the time.  Aziz began to share with the men about his problems.  He wanted a way out of his present life and was searching for truth.  The believers shared that they could not help, but they knew someone who could.  They told him of Jesus and how He gives peace and hope for people who will trust Him.  Aziz listened and to make a long story short, he found more than a way out of his hard life! He found a way to meet the King of an unshakeable Kingdom! Aziz prayed and trusted Jesus. Later when Aziz was asked, “Why are you sharing your faith with so many people?  Who told you to do this?”  He answered, “No one. I just have to tell them!”


46.As a child Fadhila had had many friends who were foreigners.  Although her parents were not Christians, she went regularly with her friends to a Catholic Sunday School.  She reflected on how she thought of Jesus as her best friend.  She told the priest that she too wanted to become a Christian.  However, the priest told her that her parents must consent.  Her parents did not consent, and she was left in a place where although she wanted Christ, she felt she could not have Him.  Her entire life she has struggled with this, feeling like Christ was her friend and yet not knowing how to have Him in her life.  Over the years she read the entire Bible.  She said, “If there is a God, it is Jesus.”  Fadhila was ecstatic when she finally learned there were other Tunisian believers in her country.  Pray that God will lead her to others in her town with whom she can worship.


45. A friend gave Fatma a Bible.  She began to read it each day but hid it from the rest of her family, afraid at what they would say about her faith.  One day her son walked in while she was reading God’s Word.  She tried to hide it but he asked, “What is that?”  She showed him and he began hugging and kissing her.  He said, “Mother, I have been searching for this book for three years!”  He decided to follow Christ and they now read the book together!


44. Melika had many problems and had never been satisfied with her religion.  She worked in tourism and was emotionally broken because of the ways she had been badly treated and misused.  She felt she could never be forgiven.  Melika couldn’t see any value in her life.  She wanted new life and hope.  When she began reading the Bible, she was struck by Jesus’ reaction to the woman caught in adultery.  Melika’s heart jumped.  Could Jesus love her in this same way?  Melika asked some believers, “Is there hope for me?”   Melika learned that through Christ, she is a daughter of God! One of the believers asked her, “Do you want this?  He already died for you.  It’s done.  And He’s risen.  Do you accept it?”  Without hesitation, Melika replied, “Yes, how can I be saved?”


43. Khaled surfed through the TV channels looking for the Christian channel.  Ten minutes earlier he would have never imagined himself actually searching for a Christian program, but his brother’s phone call aroused his curiosity.  Khaled’s brother was living abroad and had just called.  He had asked Khaled such a strange question, “Are you a Muslim?”  “Of course,” Khaled answered.  Everyone he had ever known was a Muslim for that matter!  “Go and watch this Christian TV program and then tell me,” said his brother.  Khaled found the program and watched it.  It left him so confused.  As a doctor, research and careful examination of the facts was important to him.  Finally he was convinced that Jesus was the only way to the Father and during one of the episodes, he gave his heart to Christ!


42.Najet was furious!  Her fiancé had just revealed to her that he was a Christian and given her a Bible.  She tore it apart and threw it into the wind.  How could he abandon his faith and abandon her!  But, then as she glanced down, one of the pages caught her eye.  “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  (John 14: 6)  She wept.  Even during this moment God had spoken to her.  She surrendered her life to Christ.


41.“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”  Matthew 5:6

Ahmed was drawn to Christianity when he first studied it.  He saw that women were valued equally.  He had always felt grieved for his sister who like all women were treated so badly.  He saw how Christianity encouraged loving others.  As a law student, it interested him that the Bible portrayed God as not only just but also forgiving.  He saw that God did not force people to trust in Him, but that each person was given an opportunity to accept or deny.  Today, though he faces persecution from family and friends, he continues to share about the difference Christ has made in his life.  Please pray that Ahmed will be able to find fellowship with other believers.


40. A woman had a dream.  A voice said, “You belong to Jesus.”  She woke up and gave her life to Jesus immediately.


39. A Tunisian woman sought Jesus for 10 years.  She relentlessly looked for a Bible until she found a New Testament.  Having read it from Matthew to Revelation she was convinced.  She made a large meal and set two places at her table and then literally opened her door and invited Jesus into her life.


38.A young man dreamed he was drowning and that a man saved him.  He immediately knew it was Jesus and committed to following Him.


37. Miriam and her husband are originally from another Arab country.   They were ethnic Christians but knew little about Christianity. They thought they were the only Christians in the country.  They were persecuted and became discouraged.  Miriam had a dream in which she was holding a cross.  The cross dropped from her hands and she began looking for it everywhere.  When she awoke she realized that she needed to desperately look for Jesus and be “born again”.


36. Hedi, a young man in his twenties, had been given him a Bible by a friend.  Ever since he was a boy, each time he passed a church he wanted to cry.  There was something that drew him to it.  Hedi decided he wanted to accept Christ.  He talks about how much his life has changed and how he feels brand new.


35. Kareema was facing a very difficult time in her own life in her relationship with her husband and sons.  She had been betrayed and assaulted and bore the scars.  When Christians shared their own testimonies about how God had healed them, her hard heart began to soften.  Kareema says, “The day I received Christ was the happiest of my life!  Everything has changed!”


34.Through media, many people are finding out that they are not the only Tunisian Christians in Tunisia!


33.A Tunisian woman, living abroad, says, “Years ago I had advanced cancer.  I became a Christian, and God healed me.  I am amazed and encouraged to find that there are Tunisian believers in my country!”


32.Narjis had been a believer for two years.  Though she knew some foreigners who were Christians believers she didn’t know that there were any other Tunisian believers.  She was overwhelmed with joy when she saw Tunisian Christians on TV.  For so long her only dream was to meet others who could pray in her heart language.  Now Narjis is meeting with others for fellowship.


31.  Morad had a dream in which he saw small candles all over the map of Tunisia.  Above the candles were church bells.  The bells began ringing.  Morad has encouraged the church with the message that God is working and that many groups of Christians will arise in Tunisia.


30. Amin began listening to Christian radio over 20 years ago and became a believer.  For all of these years he had thought that he was the only believer in the country.  He feared for his life but desired a Bible so much that he flew to another country to purchase one!  He was shocked when he saw a Christian TV program with Tunisian believers.  The first time he went to a meeting of believers he wept for joy.  “I have found my family!”


29. Leila is in her early 20’s.  She has been watching Christian TV for awhile.  She says that she had never known such happiness before accepting Christ.  “I feel like a blind person who can now see!”  She now fellowships and learns with other believers.


28. Hedi’s decision to follow Christ cost him everything.  He learned about Christianity from Christian TV.  When he decided to convert to Christianity, his family deserted him.  His job was filled with corruption and he was convicted to quit it, forgoing any chance of retirement benefits.


27. Ali learned about Christianity through a radio correspondence course.  He had been a believer for eight years before ever meeting another believer.  Upon meeting a few Christians, he asked them to come home with him. They were warmly greeted by his wife and one of the visitors began to share with her but she stopped him.  She said, “I know what you are going to say and what you are going to ask….the answer is ‘yes’.  You see, when my husband asked to marry me my family was strongly opposed to the marriage because he proclaimed to be a Christian.  However, I agreed to marry him because he was so loving and kind.  My husband has been a continual testimony of love and faithfulness throughout our marriage.  I accept Christ because I see what he has done in my husband’s life.”


26. M. learned about Jesus through Facebook.  He is convinced and he wants to put his faith in Jesus.  He longs to know how to pray and follow Jesus.  He wants to meet with believers as soon as possible.


25.Hamsa found information about Christianity and Tunisian believers on the internet.  He now fellowships with believers and writes songs of Praise.


24.Amine studied philosophy at the university.  He was drawn to the love and words of Jesus.  He has many questions.


23. After learning about Christianity from a website and Christian TV programming, Omar, a university student, requested a Bible.  He was asked, “Why do you want to learn about Christianity?”  He replied, “One must learn about everything in order to make a good decision.”


22. Walid found a Christian website.  He said once he started reading it he has never gone back.  He has rejected the old way of life and is learning about a new way.  He is determined to follow Christ.


21."Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Will he not first sit down and estimate the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it? For if he lays the foundation and is not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule him, saying, 'This fellow began to build and was not able to finish.' Luke 14:28-30

Some believers went to visit Shedli in a remote part of the country.  He was eager to accept Christ but was very confused and still did not understand many things about following Christ.  One believer told him, ‘Take your time in making this decision.  It is the most important one you can make.”


20. As some believers were about to travel to another town for a Christmas service, they were stopped by a lady who had previously been very resistant.  She asked, “Where are you going?”  They replied, “To a church service.”  She explained her new desire to go to the church.  “Yesterday I was walking in downtown Tunis when something very special shook me.   I looked up and there was the cross on top of the Cathedral.  I can’t explain it, but I knew that it was real.”  During the service, this woman decided to surrender her life to Jesus.


19. During Ramadan, Rashid read the Koran every night and was struck by how amazing the Messiah was described.  He studied further.  He found that Jesus was perfect, full of love, and powerful.  He began watching Christian TV and prayed during a broadcast to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior.


18. A young girl met a Christian from Iraq over the internet.  She is now seeking to know more about Christ.


17. Salha has been watching Christian TV programming and has been excited to learn that there are other Tunisian Christians in her country.  She says that the Bible “shows us (Tunisians) our roots”.   She adds, “I am a true believer because I came to faith after a long  period of studying the Bible.  The Bible is the most precious book in my life.”  She meets with a small church group.  She is eager to meet other Tunisian believers.


16. Amin shared with a co-worker, Moufid, on multiple occasions.  Each time Amin shared with him, Moufid would harass and tease him.  However, he would then go home and secretly study a New Testament that he had.  Moufid’s heart changed and he gave his heart to Jesus. One week he was sick and was planning on visiting the doctor.  He went to a church service first, and he was healed.  He asks, “Why don't the people outside know about the healing Christ can give?”  He now has a burden to share of Christ’s healing power with others.


15. A woman in the South has been a believer for two years.  She has been waiting for an opportunity to be baptized.  She has faced persecution.  A believer came to visit her and met her daughter.  Her daughter made a decision to follow Christ and both were baptized!


14. In a coastal town four people have called in and have given their lives to the Lord.  The believers are now connected in a fellowship and being discipled by a mature believer.  He says, “I have seen more happen in this last year than in the previous 5 combined!”  The believers meet regularly.  They volunteer to lead and serve and are eager to grow and learn.


13. During Ramadan, a local TV station aired a series about Jesus’ life according to the Koran.  A woman called in.  She said that she had been a devout Muslim and had been attracted to the Sura in the Koran about Jesus.  She started listening to Christian radio to find out more.  She learned of Christ’s sacrifice that saved the world.  She chose to follow Jesus.  She was furious that the series did not portray the real life of Jesus.  She was confused by the perspective of the Koran and its contractions to the Bible.  She was convinced that one was wrong.  The movie didn’t make sense.  She felt there was no purpose in it.   She said  “Jesus was too special to prepare the way for Mohammed”.  She is a Christian now.  She longs to meet Christians and go to a church fellowship but is fearful of the authorities.   She has told her family and is facing problems due to her decision.


12. K. is interested in learning more about the Christian and Jewish faiths.  He has many theological questions.  He would like resources to learn more.


11.Y. likes what he sees in Christianity and in Jesus Christ, though he knows very little. He wants to know more about Jesus because he thinks he is a great person.


10. H. became a Christian after reading the Injil.  He is amazed that Jesus has forgiven his sins.  He is inspired by Jesus’ command to love your enemies and forgive others.  He is eagerly waiting to meet other believers.


9.After watching Christian TV programs, K. expressed an interest to learn more about Jesus.  He is excited to find that there are Tunisian believers.  He is hoping to find a believer in his area.


8. S. read the Bible from the internet ,and then she later talked to a believer on the internet.  She desires to meet believers.


7. S. had several dreams about Jesus.  He couldn’t find an explanation for his dreams. One time he saw himself in a church.  He is searching and would like to meet with a believer and learn more about Jesus.


6. L. became a Christian without knowing other believers.  She is divorced and has two little children.  She would like to begin fellowshipping with other believers.


5. S. is interested in knowing more about Jesus.  She borrowed a Bible from her friends, and she is reading it.  She wants to visit the church soon when she turns 18 years old.  She is searching for the truth.


4.O. requested a Bible and wants to learn more about what Christians believe. He says that he likes Christians because they are so humble and they love all people.


3.M. is very interested in learning more about Jesus.   He doesn't believe in Islam.  He has learned many things about religion on the internet.  He would like to meet with believers and know more about their faith.


2. During the disorder and revolution in Tunisia, D. read in the Bible about how we grow in faith through difficulty.  He desires to grow through this unsettled period.


1. R. became a Christian while abroad.  Unfortunately, he knows very little about the faith.  He likes Christianity and likes the idea that God will forgive his sins.  He is now learning truths from the Bible from Tunisian Christians.

Note: Up until January of 2011 many Tunisian Christians were beaten by the police and the ministry of interior.  Some were also in prison.  Though we hope for better things since the revolution, many believers still experience extreme persecution from their families (physical, emotional, etc.).  For that reason all names have been changed in these testimonies about Tunisian Christians.