The following video will give you a brief introduction to Tunisia, church multiplication movements, prayer, and your role. Future lessons will expand on the topics presented in this video. 

Every church multiplication movement in history unfolded in the context of extraordinary prayer. In light of this reality, Pray4Tunisia seeks to mobilize, equip, and collaborate with small group prayer leaders through this course. We pray it will be a multi-faceted blessing. As you intercede on behalf of a nation that for 1400 years has had little to no Gospel presence, strongholds are broken down, and God's Kingdom comes in greater and greater ways. Small groups that pray together offer incredible discipleship opportunities, as believers learn from each other about how to pray and what can be prayed for. The church will be more engaged in God's desire for every tribe, tongue, and nation as you pray together for an unreached people group. Finally, you will be incredibly blessed as you see answers to prayer both in Tunisia and in the lives of those you pray with.

We encourage you to gather two or more others with you and to begin praying together at least once a month. The following material will encourage you in the impact your prayers will have and train you for how to lead effective prayer meetings. We also want to encourage you to have a vision for growing and multiplying your prayers groups from the very beginning. Impart this vision to the members of your small group and invite them to eventually lead other small groups in praying for Tunisia. 

Watch the following video clip from John Piper about the blessing of praying in small groups with other believers.


The following material is not required but available for you to further familiarize yourself with Tunisia and praying for a church multiplication movement to take place there. Feel free to skim and see if there is anything of interest.

1) Vision
2) Tunisia
3) Church Multiplication Movements
4) Prayer
5) Leadership