“There is a great harvest readied in North America not being reached by the status quo. Zúme is a biblical wake-up call and tool to empower the everyday believer to begin walking in the Lords will to multiply disciples.” – J. Duke, Indiana


Zúme Training is an on-line and in-life free learning experience designed for small groups who follow Jesus to learn how to obey His Great Commission and make disciples who multiply.


Zúme Training consists of 9 Basic Sessions and 1 Advanced Session (your group can return to this one after your initial training is complete). Each session is about 2 hours and includes:

  • Video and Audio to help your group understand basic principles of multiplying disciples.
  • Group Discussions to help your group think through what’s being shared.
  • Simple Exercises to help your group put what you’re learning into practice.
  • Session Challenges to help your group keep learning and growing between sessions.

Dates and Locations:

Anytime. Anywhere.

You can begin a Zúme Training Course by clicking below. Gather your friends, co-workers, etc. and begin learning together how you can make disciples who make disciples!

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